The 3-D School is a nonpublic special purpose school committed to serving young students with dyslexia in a three (3) year program.  The 3-D School is accredited through the Mississippi Department of Education and closely follows the State yearly (August-May) schedule of most public and non-public schools. Please refer to the Handbook for additional information.

Evaluation Policy

According to Mississippi Law, academic evaluations may be administered by a psychometrist, psychologist, or speech language pathologist.  In order to be considered for admittance to the 3-D School, the following test scores are required and must have been administered within 1 (one) calendar year of admittance date.  Please be sure any outside testing includes scores from these evaluation instruments:     

  • Full Scale IQ – measurement of non-verbal and verbal ability (RAIS or WISC-R)  
  • Academic Achievement – WIATT III (Must include reading, spelling, and math scores)
  • Phonological Processing – CTOPP scores (Must have phonological awareness, memory, rapid naming scores)
  • Reading – GORT (Must include accuracy, rate, fluency, and comprehension scores)
  • Language – OWLS or CELF (Must include Receptive, Expressive, and Core/Combined Language Scores;                                         both Verbal and Written Expression scores needed)
  • If problems outside of our areas of expertise are indicated, we will make recommendations for further evaluation by an appropriately qualified professional. 


  • ADHD/ADD Evaluation Report (Connections Clinic, Hattiesburg, MS is highly recommended): ADHD/ADD is commonly associated with dyslexia and is a barrier to successful remediation.
  • Students with ADHD/ADD must be under a physician’s care for ADHD/ADD management and taking the prescribed medications as indicated.
  • A letter of recommendation is required from the previous teacher stating behavioral observations in the classroom.
  • Submit any available emotional or behavioral documentation that will provide insight into learning needs.
  • Primary diagnosis of Dyslexia must be determined by a qualified diagnostician.  

Testing is generally administered over two days and includes all testing required for admission to the school EXCEPT for an ADHD/ADD evaluation.  Testing must reveal a primary disability of dyslexia in order to be a candidate for the school.

To schedule an evaluation at The 3-D School, email Elesha McCarty at

Aultman Speech Therapy ServicesElesha McCarty, M.S., CCC-SLP, M.Ed., CALT

ASHA Certified Speech Language Pathologist

ALTA Certified Academic Language Therapist

MDE Licensed School Psychometrist MDE Licensed Dyslexia Therapist

            The 3-D School Psycho-Educational Evaluation, 120 S. George St. Petal, MS: 601-450-3333

Other testing sites include:

  • Aultman Speech Therapy Services

Machelle Aultman, CCC-SLP

68 Old Salt Rd,

Sumrall, MS


  • Gulf Coast Education Solutions, Saucier, MS:   

23272 Hwy 49 Frontage Rd. #C

Saucier, MS

Angel Jones, Director


  • Connections Clinic, Hattiesburg, MS

2 Southern Pointe Parkway #200

Hattiesburg, MS


The state department requires that final reports containing the diagnosis of dyslexia 

be signed by the diagnostician to apply for scholarship assistance.  

Testing submitted from outside of the 3-D School Evaluation Center must include all measurements stated above, be administered within the past 12 months, and reviewed by the director of the 3-D School Evaluation Center to determine eligibility.  If testing is incomplete, the 3-D School will administer the instruments at an additional fee to the parent.

Procedures for Admissions:  

  1. Students entering 2nd, 3rd, and 4th (4th Grade Gulf Coast only) grades will be accepted into the school.  Students must remain in the school for 3 years in order to complete the program.
  2. Students must have full evaluation to determine if Dyslexia is the primary disability. (Refer to Evaluation Policy)
  3. Parents must complete the 3-D School application and mail: 1) the application, 2) evaluation reports, and 3) $150 to The 3-D School, 120 South George Street, Petal, MS (Applications will not be accepted without submission of all 3 items)
  4. After the application packet is received, the parents and child will be called to schedule an interview.
  5. At the time of the interview, the student will be registered for the 2017-2018 school year if it is determined by the parent and school director that it is the appropriate placement for the student.

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